About U.s.

Since its establishment, our company has activities with an understanding of the principle of the right service with professional staff and the latest technology facilities of the operating system based on customer satisfaction always serve.

ISTANBUL CENTER AND MERSIN connection, has the knowledge and experience to offer you the best options. Work to our customers before and after the shipment of goods and services also provide logistic support.

Our company main principles of service quality, implementing the provisions of the deal, customers reduce the costs of customs marginal provide regular and accurate flow of information, in this order and discipline every day to add new customers to its portfolio.

Vision and Mission


Qualified and trained labor force, using high-tech tools, and advanced systems, and to increase the strategic business partnership to be one of the pioneers of the sector.


As a leading company in the international logistics industry constantly upgrade targets, using the services of new technological opportunities, high quality, fast and economic conditions rather than aiming to bring added value to ensure that the country's economy.